About Us

Hello and Welcome to DocTriathlon!

My name is James and I created this site to chart my journey I have had with Triathlons and to help encourage other people in the sport.

A bit about myself, I am a 35 year old age-grouper athlete. I have been in endurance sports for about 5 years but before that was mainly focused on bodybuilding and general strength training. I started to get into endurance sports when I actually started to notice that I was having general problems going any distance without suffering from breathing problems due to allergies.

My answer to this?

Triathlons! The more I figured I built up my endurance the less of a concern this would be, and it has held true. Other than that I am fairly boring. I work a standard 9-5 job, go to the gym in the morning and come home to my family at night.

Triathlon has given me a lot of confidence, improved my health and all around leveled up my life! And now I want to share that with others! Please enjoy your time on DocTriathlon and feel free to contact us with any questions.