Hey there, my name is James and I am the creator and editor of this site. I have been doing Triathlons for a while now and am competing in 70.3 Ironman's as well come this year. I created this site to help those new to the sport and to share my journey with other athletes.

Best Cycling Gloves For 2018

Best Gloves for Cycling Cycling gloves are an essential aspect of cycling just like a helmet and the right pair of shoes. A pair of cycling gloves allows to be in control and prevent the handlebars from slipping, something that can cause dangerous accidents.  Furthermore, best winter cycling gloves prevent the development of blisters that …

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Best insoles for shin splints

Best insoles for shin splints

Best insoles for shin splints Every runner knows that shin splints will ruin your run and stop you from training for the day. Sometimes the cause of your shin splints is running on poor quality shoes and you are going to need to pick up a new pair to resolve the problem. However that is …

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Back from Hawaii 70.3!

Back from Hawaii 70.3! Hello Everyone! Sorry I have not gotten an update out recently but I have been in Hawaii for the 70.3 Ironman in Kona, on June 2nd! I have so much to say involving the race, how it went, lessons learned, and new training methods both before, during and after the race …

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Best shoes for shin splints

Best Shoes for Shin Splints

Best Shoes for Shin Splints Whether you are training for a triathlon, a marathon, or just running to lose weight. Nothing will halt your progress faster than shin splints. Some people are lucky enough to have never experienced shin splints, but for the rest of us we know the feeling of being in the middle …

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25 Health Benefits of Swimming

25 Health Benefits of Swimming A Whole Body Workout Between the breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke, a swimmer activates everything from their biceps and triceps to their gluteals and hamstrings. Regular aquatic sessions are also a great way to tone and strengthen the core. What’s more, it’s an especially wonderful form of aerobic exercise for obese …

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70.3 Indoor Bike training

70.3 Indoor Bike training It has been a while since I updated the blog since I have been busy training for my upcoming 70.3 in Hawai’i in just over 40 days! Man time crept up fast on that one! Overall though progress is going well in both the swim and bike! The run I have …

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Why are aero wheels faster

Why are aero wheels faster One of the big topics that comes up when you are looking to get into time trials and triathlons in cycling is aero wheels. Wheelsets on bikes are an expensive upgrade, in fact in most cases upgrading your wheelset is frequently more expensive than your entire bike! This is especially …

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Duathlon Training

Duathlon Training A lot of people out there are looking to get into some form of Triathlon, whether it is for health, a bucket list item or just for fun. But there is also an equal number of people that don’t know how to swim, or are worried about the swim leg of a triathlon race! Enter …

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