If you’re struggling to find the best road wheel for your bike out of the hundreds on the market, then we hope to help with our in-depth reviews and comparisons of some of the top brands and models. This review will focus on carbon clinchers from Eagle Wheels that feature DT Swiss 240 hubs and Continental GP 4000 S II tires. Although this wheelset is available in a range of rim depths, we’ll focus on the 60 mm depth, which is intended for a smooth ride and excellent aerodynamics.

***2021 Update – Eagle Wheels is currently out of stock. I can highly recommend the below wheels here if you are in a rush for some great wheels! ***

Superteam 700c Carbon Wheelset!

Rating: 4/5


  • High-grade FlyTech carbon with a smooth braking finish that may reduce pulsing 
  • Assembled by USA professionals
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction from Continental GP 4000 S II tires


  • Rim brakes may not provide enough braking power in wet conditions
  • May not perform as well in wind as other stiffer, heavier wheels

Key Features

The Eagle carbon clinchers with DT Swiss 240 hubs and Continental GP 4000 S II tires is one that shines in a few areas, mostly because of the hubs and tires. The rim itself also has a couple of noteworthy features that may make it a good choice for you.

Titanium Reinforced Rim

Eagle creates carbon rims, which are usually more expensive than alloy or aluminum wheels but can provide a lighter, stiffer, more comfortable, and more powerful ride (Source: CyclingTips.com). But, Eagle goes the extra mile with their carbon rims, reinforcing them with titanium.

Titanium can decrease the weight of the carbon rim even further while strengthening it and improving its aerodynamics. Titanium rims are also known for their ability to create a more reliable braking performance, which is one of the areas Eagle targeted with this rim. The smooth braking surface may reduce pulsing and inconsistent braking, thanks to titanium reinforcement.

Bladed Aero Spokes

Eagle uses bladed aero spokes rather than round spoked. Bladed aero spokes can give the wheels an aerodynamic advantage over round spokes with their unique, flattened shape that improves airflow around the wheels and can help you cut through the wind. 

Continental GP 4000 S II Tires

One of the biggest talking points of this rim is that it uses the technology of the Continental GP 4000 S II tires, which are one of the most popular tires for racers. Continental created these tires to offer a balance between comfort, durability, and performance, wrapping it all into one tire that can potentially outshine others in its long life and traction.

This tire can be especially beneficial to riders who want the most traction possible from their road wheels. Continental’s BlackChili compound infused in the tires creates an extreme grip on a variety of surfaces may reduce the risk of rolling (Source: Continental-Tires.com). You might even find that you get more miles from these tires than you do others.

DT Swiss 240 Hubs

Your hubs are a crucial part of your wheelset, affecting the way your wheels accelerate and give you speed. DT Swiss 240 hubs are one of the top hubsets on the market, so their addition to these Eagle rims help set them apart.

These hubs are lightweight and are designed to improve wheel symmetry for a consistent and reliable ride. This hub has an 18-tooth ratchet that can help your wheels pick up speed quickly. 

Review of the Eagle Wheels – DT Swiss 240 – Continental GP 4000s 

When you search for racing wheels to purchase, you’re likely looking for a wheel that will offer reliable braking, a comfortable ride, and ease of movement through any wind conditions. We’ll cover all of that here in our review of the Eagle 60/60 carbon clinchers so that you can see how they might perform in each crucial category.


If there’s one thing you want in a road wheel, it’s the ability to cut through the wind with ease. This Eagle wheelset is built for aerodynamics, from its 60 mm depth to its lightweight, titanium-infused carbon frame. Right down to the bladed aero spokes, these wheels have just about everything you need to succeed on a windy ride. 

Performance in a Variety of Conditions

With the addition of the Continental GP 4000 S II tires, this Eagle wheelset may be one of the best options for people who continuously race in any kind of weather. The tires’ BlackChili compound keeps them gripping the ground even if they get wet.

You likely won’t find much of a difference in braking ability in wet conditions either. Thanks to the smooth braking surface Eagle created on the rims, the brakes may be a bit more reliable in wet conditions than they are on other carbon rims.

Braking Performance and Reliability

The Eagle 60/60 mm carbon clinchers have rim brakes, which is a crucial feature for us to point out. The preferable type of brake for carbon rims is the disc brake, which can offer better stopping power, especially when you’re going downhill (Source: MapMyRun.com).

However, Eagle took steps with this wheelset to ensure that their rim brakes work more reliably and smoother than others by designing its rim with a unique braking surface that may prevent pulsing and inconsistent braking. Still, you might find that your breaks aren’t quite as quick on long descents as disc brakes.


Each of these wheels weighs 1578 grams, which is lighter than some of the comparable carbon wheelsets on the market. Eagle designed these wheels to be intuitive and responsive, and their lightweight lends to that goal. You may be able to have better handling and a quicker descent downhill from this wheelset than other heavier wheels.


Eagle did a couple of things to this wheelset to improve its stiffness, which may give you a smoother ride without flexing. A titanium-reinforced carbon rim is one advancement, creating a stronger rim than full-carbon to help absorb shock and keep the rim steady as you climb or descend downhill.

Eagle also tests its wheels specifically for lateral stiffness to ensure that the rims won’t flex during your ride. The 32-spoke rear wheel may also improve strength and stiffness without compromising the aerodynamics of the wheels since the front wheel has only 20 spokes.

How Does the Eagle Wheels – DT Swiss 240 – Continental GP 4000s Compare to Similar Products?

Here, we’ll outline a few of the Eagle 60/60 mm carbon clincher’s top competitors so that you can better decide what option might be the best for your needs.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 700C Clincher Wheelset

Superteam’s carbon fiber clinchers have a depth of 50 mm but are comparable to Eagle’s carbon clinchers in weight and performance but at a significantly lower price point. 

These wheels may be a good option for beginners looking for a starter wheelset for road racing who are looking to upgrade in the future. These wheels may not hold up as well as the Eagles in wet conditions, as the bearings and breaks can start squealing from their lower-quality parts. Still, in dry conditions, you might not find much of a difference in handling and responsiveness from this set. 

VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset

The VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset has a 60 mm front rim depth and an 88 mm rear wheel depth. The difference in rim depth from the front to the rear may be a good option for those who are very focused on having a responsive, strong ride without compromising the aerodynamics of their bike.

This wheelset may also give you better braking power with its basalt braking surface that can improve the reliability of your breaking in a variety of conditions. 

ICAN Carbon Road Bike Wheelset 700C Clincher

ICAN’s carbon clincher wheelset is a 50 mm set that is one of the lightest sets of its kind, which could make it an excellent option for anyone who prefers quick acceleration and uphill climbs over strong downhill descents from their bike. These wheels may also be a bit more responsive and offer quicker handling than the Eagles.

These carbon clincher wheels are also built with aerodynamics in mind, using an innovative carbon layer design that increases strength, reduces weight, and helps the wheels glide through the wind at top speeds. With the addition of the CX-Ray aero spokes, these wheels can move air in a way that’s conducive to your speed and steadiness.

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Clincher 700c Wheelset 

The Queen Bike Carbon Fiber clinchers are one of the heavier road wheels that we’re covering today and weigh about 100 grams more than the Eagles. However, the rims do use the Toray T700 carbon fiber material, which is one of the industry’s most reliable materials, producing strength and stiffness for your wheels.

If you tend to ride downhill often or want a wheelset that can help you maintain your speed for long distances, then this heavier option may be a good choice for your ride.  

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