There is more to cycling than just pedaling and steering. Whether you are cycling to stay fit. Preparing for a competition, or competing already. There are other factors that come into play like aerodynamics, comfort, and breath-ability. Everything about you, including your helmet, must facilitate these factors. But helmets can be expensive, which is why I’ve made this list of the Best Aero Helmets For The Money! So, which helmet should you consider buying?

Why Do You Need An Aero Helmet?

Cycling is an intense sport and has its share of risks.

No matter how skilled you are the possibility of a fall cannot be completely ruled out, especially if you are competing with others. The helmet is primarily made to protect your skull from serious injuries that can result from a fall. Aero helmets are sturdily built to serve this particular purpose. There are set standards that every helmet must meet and this is well regulated to ensure that they serve the primary purpose of their design.

What Is Required Of The Right Helmet?

You want to spend your money on the type of helmet that will offer the best possible value. There are three major factors that you must consider before making the decision – safety, aerodynamics, and comfort.


Safety is definitely the most important factor and most helmet manufacturers have adopted the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) that uses the slip plane concept to offer maximum protection.


After your safety, the next thing you may consider is how you can go faster. While trying to go faster, an extra effort is required to move the air out of the way. The aerodynamic drag is the resistance of the air as you try to move through it. Beating this will require that you find ways to reduce this resistance and that is the idea behind aero helmets that combine safety and aerodynamic lid to make it possible for you to appear more slippery and move against the air resistance smoothly.


Asides from safety and aerodynamics, you also need your helmet to be comfortable. Due to how they are designed, different helmets offer different levels of comfort. Though comfort is considered the last among these three factors, it is still very essential to the overall experience you will have while using a helmet. Being uncomfortable will impede your focus and reduce your efficiency. In choosing a cycling helmet, you must consider each of the factors, as well as your budget before making a financial commitment.

What Is The Idea Behind Aero Helmet?

Aero helmets are designed to address the factors discussed above. They are strongly built to offer maximum protection, and at the same time, help you to move faster by improving your aerodynamics. They are also made in such a way that they comfortably fit on your head like an extension and can easily be taken off when it is time for that. Ventilation is also considered in building aero helmets.

Do Aero Helmets Make The Difference?

Since aerodynamics became a marketing spark, many have continued to ask if the hype is real. If, indeed, aero helmets will make any difference in the overall experience in cycling. For all the specific factors mentioned as points to consider before purchasing a helmet, aero helmets have advantages over the traditional road helmet.

In terms of safety, aero helmets use the MIPS which has come a long way in innovation by using the slip plane concept. They generally come with a double layer of protective barrier that absorbs the shock that comes from a fall. With this design, the helmet is very efficient in preventing head injuries and concussions that may happen when a cyclist falls.

An Aero helmet is a kind of compromise between the TT helmets and the road helmets, ensuring that you increase your speed while remaining comfortable. In various tests, it has been confirmed that aero helmets reduce aerodynamic drag significantly and will therefore improve the speed of an athlete.

In terms of comfort, aero helmets generally weigh less than TT helmets and are perfectly shaped with straps that make them easily removable. Ventilation is also much better than with the faster and heavier TT helmets.

To specifically answer the question of whether aero helmets actually make the difference, we can categorically say yes, they do work. They offer maximum safety, improve aerodynamics, and are generally comfortable to use.

How Do You Choose The Right Aero Helmet?

To choose the right aero helmet, you have to consider the factors we have discussed earlier. You also have to look at the brands and the reputation of the manufacturers. Also, compare the product with others in the market and see if it is the right deal.

Are There Downsides To Aero Helmets?

Well, there are some aero helmets that do not save as much time as they claim. Some are also a little expensive. The issue of ventilation has also not been fully addressed in some brands.

The Best Aero Helmets 

Why there are several products in the market, here are some of the best ones that are currently on sale.

Giro Aerohead MIPS Helmet

The Giro Aerohead MIPS is one of the several aero helmets from Giro. It has a sturdy build that ensures the safety of the cyclist as the MIPS technology is in the design. In terms of efficiency, it has an impressive wind speed that improves your aerodynamics and saves you some reasonable time while cycling.

Furthermore, the helmet also performs well in terms of comfort as it is lightweight and offers optimum ventilation. Already, this helmet has become so popular among triathletes and considering the reputation of the manufacturers and the impressive performance of the product, this is not surprising at all.


  • It has a polycarbonate shell for maximum protection
  • It is lightweight for comfort 
  • The ventilation system is greatly improved with wide long range visors 
  • For great selection of style, the flip up visor is there for simple transition.


  • The product lacks the color variety needed for something as good as it is.

Gray Triathlon/Time Trial TT Aero Helmet

This is a specially designed Aerodrome helmet that is made from an in-mold construction with DuraShell for maximum performance. It has a one-size-fits-all that really works with the sure-fit dial retention system. The helmet also comes with a 4 vent internal channel system. It also has flexible side panels that will not crack under normal use and will facilitate the process of taking off the helmet during the transition. At a weight of 345 grams, it feels comfortably light.


  • It is extremely lightweight 
  • The one-size-fits-all feature really works with the adjustable dials 
  • 4 vent internal channeling, CPSP approved, Chin strap protector
  • There is lifetime crash replacement warranty


  • It comes in only two colors, and that is really poor
  • The adjustable dials work well, but it doesn’t really fit “all” cyclists.

Giro Advantage 2

This is another great aero helmet from Giro. It has already been used by several athletes and there is hardly any complaint about it. The Giro Advantage 2 is wind tested and its quality and performance are not in doubt at all. It combines safety, speed, and comfort in the right manner.


  • Is beautifully designed and appealing 
  • Has deep channeling for proper ventilation 
  • It has fast time against high wind speed
  • It is extremely comfortable.


  • It has limited colors
  • Ear flaps are snug and not attached.

Louis Garneau P-09

This is an outstanding helmet from Louis Garneau. The built and quality is quite unquestionable in terms of safety. For speed, it incorporates the texturized golf ball technology at the front to obtain the optimum speed while riding. The design is also impressive, aesthetically.


  • It is lightweight 
  • 4 vent air circulation is just great
  • Retract air for quick transition
  • It is highly aerodynamic
  • Removable visor 
  • Pro lock adjustment straps 


  • The Visor attachment can be difficult to deal with.


When choosing an aero helmet, it is very important to put in safety, performance, and level of comfort offered by the helmet. All the aero helmets reviewed in this article are great and will make nice purchases.

However, the best among them is Giro Aerohead MIPS helmet. In terms of the factors that determine the quality and performance of cycling helmets, the product edges the others. The MIPS technology is definitely an assurance of safety.

What’s more, the polycarbonate shell is also a great feature that caters to a rider’s well-being. Its wind speed is just perfect for triathletes and time trialists alike. The magnetic anchor attachment for the lens flips up for easy transition from swim to bike. There are hardly any knocks for the product so it sits comfortably as our champion of the best aero helmets for the money.

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