Best Aero Wheels for the Money 

Ultimately, biking has been made a lot more fun by the advances made in bikes and gears. For improved bike rides for Triathletes and serious bike lovers, one of the best inventions that have been made is the Aero Wheels. These special wheels have the potentials of improving the speed with minimal effort. So read ahead to find out the Best Aero Wheels for the Money that you can get!

What are Aero Wheels? 

The wheel of the bike is probably the most important part as far as movement is concerned. It is the part that makes contact with the road and rolls through it in order for the movement to be achieved. While riding, a lot depends on the wheel and its condition. For Triathletes and Time Trialists, the need to beat aerodynamics can never be overemphasized. Aero Wheels are components of Aero Bikes that are specially made to beat aerodynamics and save the cyclist a lot of time. They are built especially for racing and have several advantages over traditional road wheels. 

Aerodynamic and semi-aerodynamic wheelsets are characterized by greater rim depth, triangular or pyramidal cross-section, fewer spokes or no spoke at all with blades molded of composite material supporting the rim. Also, when there are spokes, they are flattened in the rotational direction to reduce wind drag, thereby achieving fast speed. 

What Are The Specific Benefits Aero Wheels Have To Offer?

Generally, Aero Wheels are designed to help you go faster, but is that where their advantages end? In a standard 40km bike leg, a good aero wheel, together with other enhancement gears, can help you to reduce the time spent on the course by about 4 minutes. So yes, they are faster, but what are the other advantages. When you use aero wheels, the effort it requires to move the bike is significantly reduced. What this means is that you can achieve more with less energy. 

In addition to being faster, aero wheels can help you conserve more energy and avoid exhaustion. Aero wheels are also designed with stability and braking in mind. Most are generally stable with firm grips on the road irrespective of the fact that they are fast and not so ideal for very windy conditions. Most aero wheels also perform excellently in terms of braking. They can deliver very strong and progressive dry braking and excellent wet braking with very little or no delay before the pads bite. As icing on the cake, aero wheels look really nice and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bike. 

How Effective Are Aero Wheels?

Actually, the effectiveness of aero wheels cannot be doubted. Aerodynamic drag has a lot of influence on the performance of a bike. It is estimated that on a realistic speed on the flat of 20mph, for instance, 75% of the effort of the biker will be used to overcome aerodynamic drag. With a deeper aero rim, however, there is a noticeable change, and with the other gears like clothing and helmet, speed can be massively improved. Overall, wheel-based gains are relatively massive in cycling, so we can say aero wheels are really very efficient. 

Things to Look Out For While Shopping For the Right Aero Wheel and How To Use Them

Though they are designed with the same principle in mind, aero wheels are quite different and the uniqueness of any particular product can give it age over the others. Clinchers with wider rims, for instance, are more comfortable than standard width rims. 

Also, wider rims work better with wider tires, so use a wide tire to match if the width is over 24mm. A wider tire (25c or broader) will improve ride and cornering is used on a standard rim. In terms of braking performance, from general experience, aluminum brake surface surfaces are simply fantastic. Many of the carbon clincher wheels are, however, improving their braking ability through redesigned brake pads, but that of aluminum still edges them in terms of consistency and power, especially on wet surfaces. 

How Do You Choose The Right Aero Wheel?

Certainly, every aero wheel can help you to go faster – this is down to aerodynamics. Other things to consider are real-world performance. In the real world where many factors come into play, how does the wheel fare? The wheel’s construction and designs should also influence your choice. Consider other factors like stability and braking performance. In addition to all these, consider the reputation of the manufacturers of the products. There are several wonderful manufacturers, but there are probably certain ones that you feel comfortable with their products. 

Are There Any Downsides To The Use Of Aero Wheels?

In spite of the numerous advantages and enhancement aero wheels offer, they can get pushed around during windy conditions. You have to be really good in order to maximize your potentials. 

The Best Aero Wheels 

There are so many aero wheels available at different prices. Do not make the mistake of assuming that aero wheels from other continents are not good enough. Some of the really fantastic aero wheels come from China and they are also great price-wise. We will consider some of the very best aero wheels below:

ICAN 86mm

This ranks among the top carbon clincher aero wheels. From the rim to the spoke and the hub, the wheel is built to offer strong performance with the assurance of durability. The rims are built from 100% carbon and their bead hook is reportedly 73% stronger than other rims. This makes for a light wheel with strong braking performance and reliable durability. 


  • Carbon rim with 69 folded layers for durability and weight saving
  • Lightweight and smooth rolling hubs
  • CX-Ray aero spoke that reduces wind resistance and noise


  • May not be ideal for windy situation

Superteam 700c

This is a pocket-friendly carbon clincher aero wheel that boasts a decent design with a 3k matte rim finish. The rim depth of the wheel is 50mm with a height of 23mm. There are also 20 front holes and 24 rear. Considering that the rim is made of carbon fiber, the superteam 700c is a strong wheel for the price it is being offered at. 


  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • Carbon fiber made rim means it is a strong wheel
  • 12-layer carbon on brake track means improved breaking performance


  • 50 mm rim depth may not offer the best aero experience
  • A bit heavier than many other aero wheels 

VCYCLE Nopea 700c

Just like other aero wheels from Vcycle, this product offers fast, high quality, and durable carbon wheels in a UD matte finish and basalt braking surface. The clincher rim which is made of Toray T700 Carbon has a front rim depth of 60mm and rear depth is 88mm, meaning an excellent aero experience for riders. 


  • The basalt braking surface offers excellent braking function for riders’ safety
  • Lightweight durable hub
  • Aesthetic design
  • Reasonably priced


  • May not be suitable for windy conditions
  • Nice and loud noise while not pedaling 


This is a lightweight carbon clincher aero wheel that is fit for a 700x23c and 700x25c tire. The wheelset feature a special carbon construction layup that makes them stronger and, at the same time, stronger. The rims of the wheel are not only stronger and more durable, but they also have an improved weight saving. To show how trustworthy the product is, ICAN offers two years warranty from the date of original purchase for quality problems. 


  • They are very strong 
  • Aerodynamic properties are tot-notch 
  • Smooth hubs for smoother ride
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Can get pushed about on windy days 

ICAN 50mm

This is another wonderful Aero wheel from ICAN that offers speed and class. The carbon rim is made of 69 folded layers of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The construction layup is such that it combines strength and lightness well. It uses the Sapim CX-Ray Aero Spokes that are specially designed for excellent aerodynamics with low weight and great strength. 


  • A versatile product that can be used on different bikes
  • Lightweight wheel 
  • Highly efficient carbon braking surface 


  • May not offer as much aerodynamic properties as desired
  • Can get pushed about on windy days 


When shopping for aero wheels, it is essential that you consider both the aerodynamic, stability, and braking performance of each of the products under consideration. All these factors will count in the overall experience you will have with the product. Also, you have to seriously consider the price of the product to see if it is justifiable. All the products reviewed in this article are top-quality wheels that will make nice purchases, but the best among them is the ICAN 86mm. 

The wheels are actually everything you will expect in a high-end aero wheel, but you will get it at a very wonderful price. ICAN is reputed for producing wonderful wheels and they took a step further by creating the perfect product for a bargain price. It is ideal for triathlon athletes, time trialists, and all lovers of bikes. It is ideal as training wheels and can even serve you on race days. There is hardly any knock for this product and every bike lover will love it automatically.   

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