Back from Hawaii 70.3!
Back from Hawaii 70.3! Hello Everyone! Sorry I have not gotten an update out recently but I have been in[...]
70.3 Indoor Bike training
70.3 Indoor Bike training It has been a while since I updated the blog since I have been busy training[...]
Triathlon Season
Triathlon Season Well it may just be the start of 2019 but before you know it Triathlon season will soon[...]
Returning to cycling and swimming after surgery
Returning to cycling and swimming after surgery Like myself, life happens. You too might have had to take a break[...]
Reddit Triathlon Round Up
Weekly Reddit Triathlon Round-up So in a new site feature I am going to pull weekly questions from the most[...]
Beginner Triathlon Training Plan
Beginner Triathlon Training Plan If you go online you will find countless posts trying to sell you on Triathlon training plans for veterans and beginners. They will all throw catchy titles at you, such as: 8 Week Sprint Training Plan Or Half Ironman Training Plan – Do Better at Your Next Half Ironman! But this…
The Countdown to Hawai’i begins!
The Countdown to Hawai'i and my first half ironman begins! Welcome to 2018 and to my new site, DocTriathlon. As[...]