It has been a while since I updated the blog since I have been busy training for my upcoming 70.3 in Hawai’i in just over 40 days!

Man time crept up fast on that one!

Overall though progress is going well in both the swim and bike! The run I have had to back off on a bit due to some foot pain coming back from a previous injury, so throwing some extra rest there and doubling up on indoor bike training.

My 70.3 Indoor Bike training has really been a focal point for my race training for Hawaii. The indoor bike trainer allows me to focus on training my cycling at distances far greater than I would be able to accomplish on open roads in my city. There is far too much stop and go.

Additionally, I have been able to pick my race pace up from the very low 16 mph, when I started pushing harder on cycling to a nice 24 mph that I can hold consistently for 2 hours.

Being able to hold this race pace on my indoor bike training has also improved my run. In times prior, before my stress fracture started acting up again, I would be able to hop into running for an hour or two with no prior run training and was not experiencing leg fatigue.

Additionally, using applications like Zwift, allows me to train on the course that I will be having to do for my 70.3. So hopefully come race day I will be somewhat used to the tension and course.

All in all an Indoor Bike Trainer has been my most valuable tool in training for this upcoming 70.3.

It will be getting heavy use for the next 40 or so days. And will hopefully be something I can look back on as a tool that got me across the finish line.

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