The Countdown to Hawai’i and my first half ironman begins!

Welcome to 2018 and to my new site, DocTriathlon.

As I sit here writing this first blog post I am at 137 Days until I head off to my first half ironman, in Kona Hawai’i.

I decided that making a site and documenting my journey from triathlete to my first half ironman would be a fun experience to look back on, and I am also hoping that this will be a fun resource for people that want to get into triathlon and eventually tackle a half or full ironman themselves.

This post will mostly be about initial goals, but first lets cover the big question that I was surprised I have already been asked so often.

Why would you want to run/bike/swim for that long? Why do you want to do an ironman or even a triathlon?

So for me personally it is just about a personal goal. I have always been into fitness, mostly just weight training or sports in general. I do NOT come from a background of running, swimming or cycling. In fact most of these are fairly new to me as endurance training has not always been the focus of my training.

So I set out to prove to myself that I could do more. I started swimming more often and before I knew it swimming half ironman to ironman length distances became fairly easy. So from there I started doing 5k runs, the half marathons and found that in time that too became fairly easy. Lastly I bought my first road bike and started riding, and riding and before I knew it I began to LOVE riding my road bike.

So once I started putting these together into bigger and bigger workouts the personal goal and challenge became apparent that I wanted to here that call out “You are an Ironman!” Knowing that I was not going to be able to probably go straight for that out of the gate I started looking at my first half ironman. Hawai’i was always a destination that I have wanted to visit. So instead of driving up the coast to compete in California based half ironman’s I booked my race for June 2nd 2018 and made it official.

So whats next for the half ironman?

Now for me it is all about individual training. I am coming off of a minor surgery, which sucks because it has halted me for two weeks! But come this next Monday I will be looking at about 18 weeks of full training to be ready to go! This should be plenty of time for me and something I am not super concerned with at this point.

The goal for this race for me is to finish. I am not looking to place. I am not looking to break my personal bests in swimming, running or cycling these distances.

For me this half ironman is about proving I can set a high goal and accomplish it.

From there it will be about tackling a full ironman!


2 thoughts on “The Countdown to Hawai’i begins!”

    1. I was ready! Not as ready as I would have liked but I know areas to improve on now and will be writing about it soon!

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