Best Triathlon Shorts

Best Aero Wheels for Heavy Riders

Best Road Wheels for Big RidersCyclists who weigh more on the heavy side – around 200 – 300lbs, typically have trouble finding aerodynamic wheel sets which don’t buckle under their extra weight and power. In this article I will discuss what qualities you should be looking for in an aero wheel fit for bigger riders, …

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Best Cycling Gloves For 2019

Best Gloves for CyclingCycling gloves are an essential aspect of cycling just like a helmet and the right pair of shoes. A pair of cycling gloves allows to be in control and prevent the handlebars from slipping, something that can cause dangerous accidents.  Furthermore, best winter cycling gloves prevent the development of blisters that appear …

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Shimano SPD Pedals Review

Shimano SPD SL Carbon Pedals Review

The pedal is one of the most important parts of a bike – but can also be pretty complicated. Shimano SPD SL pedals are popular and generally considered well-made, and their SPD SL Carbon Road pedals are known for durability, versatility and affordability.Overall RatingShimano SPD SL Carbon Road Bicycle Pedals PROS Extra-wide pedal platform for …

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Best Triathlon Watch

Best Triathlon Watch in 2019

Best Triathlon Watch 2019Pairing constant and methodical training with the right triathlon watch is a powerful combination for improving your strength, agility, and time to complete. Modern triathlon watches provide valuable information for trainers. Metrics and features like GPS tracking, barometers, and even smartwatch functionality offer athletes new perspectives on their performance. There are many options …

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