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Best headphones for cycling

Best Headphones for Cycling

Best Headphones for CyclingMany cyclists enjoy using headphones while training, during competitive events, and for casual rides. Listening to music, podcasts, audio books, and other media while cycling is entertaining and provides motivation. Multiple studies, including one in the Journal of Music Therapy, show that listening to music during exercise can improve focus and even boost […]

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How to Track Cycling on a Fitbit

How to track cycling on a fitbitIn the age of fitness trackers, one very common question I get is, how to track cycling on a Fitbit? Fitbit does still have the largest market share of fitness trackers and as such, it is a relevant question. Especially since most people are looking into cycling for health […]

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Best Triathlon Watch

Best Triathlon Watch in 2018

Best Triathlon Watch 2018Pairing constant and methodical training with the right triathlon watch is a powerful combination for improving your strength, agility, and time to complete. Modern triathlon watches provide valuable information for trainers. Metrics and features like GPS tracking, barometers, and even smartwatch functionality offer athletes new perspectives on their performance. There are many options […]

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