Best Triathlon Shorts

Best Aero Wheels for Heavy Riders

Best Road Wheels for Big RidersCyclists who weigh more on the heavy side – around 200 – 300lbs, typically have trouble finding aerodynamic wheel sets which don’t buckle under their extra weight and power. In this article I will discuss what qualities you should be looking for in an aero wheel fit for bigger riders, …

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Cycling Injury

Preventing Injury While Cycling

Cycling is a fun activity as well as a great form of exercise, but just like any other sport it does come with some minor risks. Cycling happens to be a very repetitive activity, meaning you continually use the same muscles and body parts as you’re making the same movements again and again. This can …

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Being Aero for Triathlon

Improve Aero Cycling

Being Aero for TriathlonSo, you’ve trained and prepared countless hours for the big triathlon. You’ve eaten all the right foods, worked out the way your trainer suggested, but you still can’t seem to improve your speed in the biking portion of the triathlon. It isn’t a matter of biology at this point. It’s a matter …

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