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How to avoid a headache after running

How to Avoid a Headache After RunningHeadaches during or after running are common complaints. Still, many athletes struggle to understand exactly what is causing their discomfort and how to alleviate it. If you are experiencing headaches associated with exercise, it is imperative you address your concerns with a healthcare professional. In the meantime, read along […]

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Marathon vs Triathlon Runners

Marathon Running vs Triathlon Running

Marathon Running vs Triathlon RunningEvery Triathlete I know is well aware of the need to save your legs for the run portion of a triathlon race. Obviously running after completing 12.4 mile (Sprint Triathlon) to 112 mile (Ironman) bike is far different than doing a run as a standalone activity. When your legs are fresh […]

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How to Improve Your Triathlon Run

Improve Run Form

How to Improve Your Triathlon RunTriathletes come into their sport from various backgrounds. Some were first cyclists. Others were first swimmers. Others were first runners. And of course, there are the folks who come straight from the couch. If you are an experienced runner with a solid history of 5K and 10K races behind you, […]

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