Whether you are training for a triathlon, a marathon, or just running to lose weight. Nothing will halt your progress faster than shin splints. Some people are lucky enough to have never experienced shin splints, but for the rest of us, we know the feeling of being in the middle of a run and getting that sharp pain throughout our shins. And it will stop you from running really fast! One of the key things you can do to resolve shin splints is to ensure you have a good pair of shoes for running! So below we have broken down what are the best shoes for shin splints, to keep you training and running!

Best Triathlon Shoes

What Are Shin Splints?

Before we dive into the best shoes for shin splints let’s take a quick look at what a shin splint is. A Shin Splint, in its simplest definition, is pain along the inner edge of your shinbone or tibia in medical terms. While most people think shin splints are purely running-related, these can crop up in cycling as well or any vigorous activity. The cause of the pain associated with shin splints is due to increased inflammation of the muscles and tendons around the shinbone, often due to the leg being overworked with repetitive activities that it is not used to.

This is why shin splints become common when you are increasing your mileage or training for a marathon or triathlon.

There are a couple of common factors that contribute to splints. These include having higher arches, flat feed, and lastly have improper or worn-out shoes!

You can resolve all of the above issues with a good pair of running shoes. This is why it is essential that if you suffer from shin splints that you ensure you have the best shoes for shin splints.

Qualities Of A Shoe For Shin Splints

There are a couple of components of a shoe that will really make it ideal for aiding in the relief of your shin splints. As someone that does suffer from shin splints, let me say, I have gone through a lot of shoes to find ones that really worked well in helping relieve shin splint pain.

But now that I know what I am looking for I can share that information with you to help save time and save your shins!

Insoles And Padding

The insoles of the shoe are going to play a big role in helping relieve shin splint pain. And unfortunately, this is a part of the shoe that will get worn down the fastest due to the constant impact of your foot hitting it while running. If you have a fairly new pair of shoes, you might even want to just look into replacing your insoles.

I advise, if you are a frequent runner, that you swap these out about every 3-6 months if you suffer from shin splints to ensure you have not worn down the fit of the insole and your shoe. I wrote up a guide specific to insoles for shin splints as well.

Shoe Fit For Shin Splints

Do you have the right shoe size for shin splints?

Did you know that the best shoe for shin splints is to buy a shoe that is about one size larger than your regular shoe size?

That’s right! According to the Podiatry Association of South Africa, when fitting sports shoes they should ideally be one size bigger than your normal shoe size to help prevent injuries such as shin splints! This is due to your feet swelling and elongating with exercise.

You should also always wear thick athletic socks or compression socks if you want some added shin splint protection while running.

How Often To Replace Your Shoes For Shin Splints

The general rule for this amongst runners is to replace your shoes once a year or every 800-1000km. So if you are a heavy runner, you might find yourself getting a new pair of shoes every six months!

I know this is the case for myself as I tend to get one pair around Christmas time and a new pair at the start of summer around June.

This ensures that my shoes are never worn down and helps prevent shin splints.

Best Shoes for Shin Splints – Men

Now that we have broken down some of the key things to look for in a shoe for shin splints, let’s dive into the ones that we have chosen as the best through trial and error!

adidas Performance Men’s Supernova Running Shoe

The Supernova Running Shoe by Adidas is one of those shoes which can stand the impact of long-distance runs. I recently tried out this shoe in training for my current Ironman and having logged several hundred miles on it am now comfortable saying that the Boost technology really does make a difference! The Supernova Glide 8 does a great job in retaining its comfort level through long runs, and the cushioning does not feel like it diminishes during these longer distances. The fit was great for me out of the box, and after a few runs to break in the flex felt amazing as well. Best of all I got no shin splints while running in these which places them as a high contender for the best shoes for shin splints!


Durable under tough conditions
Great support shoe
Eliminates foot soreness


The insole can wear down fast with higher mileage

New Balance Men’s M990v4 Running Shoe

The M990v4 is New Balancer’s newest version running shoe. This is a shoe brand that I was not as familiar with, however, I ended up picking up a pair of these due to the overwhelming large volume of people discussing them fixing soreness while running. A lot of these people had arthritic problems which are far worse than just shin splints! After a normal break-in period, I can say that this was definitely a nicely constructed shoe that was comfortable to run in. The shoe breathed well, had great support and I didn’t get a soreness on my feet while running from either shin splints or my previous stress fracture acting up. No pain during several miles runs daily and lack of shin splints puts the M990v4 from New Balance in the running for the best shoes for shin splints.


Very comfortable to run in. Aids in preventing foot fatigue on long runs
No break-in time


Bit pricey

 ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

The Gel-Nimbus 20 from Asics is a shoe I can’t really say enough good things about. This shoe is my go-to running shoe for training and has been for a while now. The cushioning in this shoe is superb and it is one of the few shoes that I could put on and take on a 5k immediately without feeling the need to break it in. Additionally, my feet do not get tired in this shoe after 5-10k distances during training. The fit, combined with the gel cushioning really makes for a superb running experience. The additional benefit of not getting shin splints in these has really put them as one of my favorite shoes. This is a tough shoe to beat in the list of best shoes for shin splints!

Best Womens Shoes for Shin Splints in 2019

 Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

The Women’s Speedcross 4 Trail running shoe by Salomon, is high on the list due to the volume of feedback we received from our writers that tried out this shoe! The overall fit of the Speedcross 3 was ideal, the shoe broke in quickly and the toe had plenty of room to move in. One of the really cool features was the lacing system which is a built-in lace locking system, but does seem to be a love it or hate it feature. I love it, however, as I sub out laces like this in all my shoes. These shoes also come in a wide range of colors if you want to ensure your shoes match your other run gear! Lastly, no shin splints! The comfort and cushioning prevented any strain on my shins during prolonged runs! Definitely in the running for the best shoes for shin splints!


Lightweight running shoe
Conform to foot quickly
Great traction


Shoes fit a bit big

ASICS Women’s GEL-FujiTrabuco 7 Neutral Running Shoe

Asics has another winner with the women’s Gel-Fujitrabuco 7. This superb running shoe offers incredible amounts of cushioning and fits well on any foot since they are self-supportive. So much so that I did not find any flaws with them. The Gel-Fujitrabuco 7 fits snug, so if you want extra foot room you might want to go up a size. These shoes also grip tremendously well on trails, so if you are into trail running this is the shoe for you! These shoes can be worn for hours on end with no shin splints or foot pain, which puts this as a top contender for the best shoes for shin splints for women.


Great Support
Works for all Arches
Extra Cushioning



Women’s Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Running Shoe

Lastly, we have the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Running Shoe, the Tesla of running shoes in my opinion. While these have a heftier price tag, this is a true case of you get what you pay for. These shoes are lightweight, super stylish (so you can wear them when you aren’t running) and they feel like you are walking on pillows! I was able to do a 10k run on these with no shin splints or pain in my feet, in fact, I could have easily gone for a longer duration! These are a great pick-up if you are looking for a long-lasting shoe that you can use in all facets of life.


Stylish and comfortable
Incredible cushioning


Bit pricey


In closing between the shoes we tested we had two clear-cut winners for the best shoes for shin splints. For men – The choice is clear for me the ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe. There is no shoe that I have gotten as much mileage on and has gotten me through a stress fracture, prevention of shin splints, and training for an Ironman.

For Women – The choice was a resounding vote for the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Running Shoe. This shoe just outperformed the others in terms of comfort, fit, cushioning, and injury prevention. It was just icing on the cake that they also were stylish to where they could be worn as much in everyday activities as they were in the gym or on the trail.

Getting the best shoes for shin splints will help you train harder for longer. It will ensure that your runs are fun and injury-free. I hope this guide has helped you in finding a pair of shoes to help you cross the finish line!

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