Best 25 Swim Products Under $25

Do you have a triathlete or swimmer in your life that you feel is hard to shop for? Well I have heard that about myself far too many times! So I am here to put that to rest with the first of several guides for that hard to shop for triathlete in your life. So no matter what the holiday is, this triathlon swimmer guide is a great starting place. Presented below is 25 great swimming products for less than $25. 

Swimming Earplugs, Silicone Sports Waterproof Corded Protection Soft Flexible Corded Ear Plugs

Nobody likes excess water in their ears. This can be especially painful when you are having to do extended swim session in the open ocean or pool. Well here is a simple, quick solution for all triathletes! Swimming earplugs! These soft silicone waterproof earplugs are a perfect must have for your swim bag. These come with a winged design for optimal comfort and are not 100% soundproof so you can still hear what is going on around you.

Sapzky Swim Goggles

The first of a couple swim googles, as there are plenty under $25. I am a fan of these ones however for several reasons. First off they have a Polycarbonate Panoramic lenses with mirror coating which provides nice UV protection and are highly visible. They also have an Anti-Fog coating, which is a must have for swim goggles. 

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

A must have for every swimmer is a good swim bag. This Tyr Mummy Backpack is the perfect solution to take with you to the pool and fill with all your swim training gear! Made from Mesh/Polyester, it features numerous pockets and zipper compartments to hold all your swim gear.

Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobic Swim Training Belt

This is a great gift for a Triathlete looking to train for an upcoming event or coming off an injury. A swim training belt allows you to train your running in the pool. A great way to do triathlon brick workouts from swim to run. Additionally this is made from chlorine resistant foam so it is built to last those long pool hours.

MP Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel

A swim snorkel is a must have for any serious swimmer. It allows you to focus on improving your swim stroke and not worry about breathing. I have used this snorkel so much I reviewed the Michael Phelps Swim Snorkel individually as well. So no surprise it made it on the under $25 shopping list as well.

PAMASE Webbed Aqua Swimming Gloves

Swim gloves and paddles can both help build your arm strength and swim stroke in the water. The PAMASE Webbed Aqua Swimming Gloves are a great solution for focusing on entry during a freestyle stroke as well as building shoulder, chest and arm muscle for swim endurance.

Drawstring Backpack Original Floral Leaf

For the less conventional swim bag, if you don't want anything fancy with a lot of pockets. This nice Drawstring Backpack is a nice Floral Leaf design that is also waterproof. It also comes in many designs and prints so you can have a unique bag to take with you to the pool.

Salty Li Printed Lycra Surf Leggings For Women

What Triathlete doesn't love Lycra! This high quality 80% polyester 20% spandex material is quick dry, breathable and is not see through. Additionally these provide perfect shape and support where needed and also provide SPF 50+ Sun protection.

Swim Elite Men’s Jammers

Well if we have swim bottoms for women we needed some for men as well! There are lots of options for swim jammers for triathletes for less than $25 but these ones from Swim Elite have some cool features worth noting. Some key features include Anti-Chafing properties. Easily adjustable to fit your body size and shape. Chlorine resistant for indoor pool training. Also comes with a FREE bag!

New Wave Swim Bubble for Open Water Swimmers and Triathletes

Be Bright, Be Seen & Be Safer with New Wave while Swimming Outdoors with this Safety Swim Buoy Tow Float. The scariest part about open ocean swims is the fact that you cannot touch the bottom of the water anymore and thus the fear of drowning. While you should always have a buddy with you for open ocean swims the New Wave Swim Bubble makes sure you will be seen and also adds the ability to rest and float during open ocean swims!

Swim Goggles + Ear and Nose Plugs - 3STN

The last pair of swim goggles on the list but the deal was too good to pass up! These swim goggles by 3STN are designed for swimmers and divers. They come with nose and ear plugs! Additionally these are also mirrored to help with ocean swims and sun glare, which is a must have for triathlon season!

Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel 

If you are looking for an alternative swim snorkel well then Kraken has you covered. The Kraken aquatics swim snorkel provides all the key features you would want in a swim snorkel. Front of head design, a one way purge valve, and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece! Swim snorkels have many benefits so make sure you have one in your swim bag!

i-Summer Silicone Swimming Cap

When you think swimmers you can't not have the image of a swimming cap pop into your head. While you will be provided a swimming cap for your triathlon race, you will need one for practice! We picked this one for the extra features that come with your silicon swim cap, such as three colors to choose from, and comes with ear and nose plugs as well! So not only do you get to enjoy a non-toxic snug swim cap and remove that water drag. But you can look good doing it!

Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid

It's every swimmer and triathletes favorite training aid! The Pull Buoy is a must have item for a swim bag. It elevates your hips and legs to aid in improving your swimming stroke and positioning. And it also develops your upper body strength! Pull Buoys are truly a best bang for the buck swim training aid!

Action Frontier Swimming Goggles Bundle

This bundle from Action Frontier is a great all around swimming gift for the triathlon beginner! It not only gets you covered on swim goggles but comes with a swimming cap, ear and nose plugs, a cleaning cloth and a case to put your goggles in. 

TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard

Another classic pool training tool seen by recreational swimmers and professionals alike, the swimming kickboard! The kickboard isolates your legs by taking your arms out of the equation, thus teaching you how to get the most out of each swim kick. This is another must have for any triathlete or swimmer!

Dushishidan Women's Swim Brief

Another option for the ladies when it comes to swimwear is the Dushishidan Women's Swim Brief. If you are not feeling like wearing a one piece or are looking for something functional that also partners with any top then this might be the swim wear for you!

Swimming Belt

This swimming resistance belt is a great pick up for all the Sprint Triathletes out there and competitive swimmers! It has its place in distance triathlon as well as it will help improve your swim strength and speed. It creates endless pool environments which can help you train for that long distance event as well, no more needing the ocean for swimming past 25 meters straight!

Global-store Swim Paddles 

A personal favorite of mine that I use daily are swim hand paddles. The hand paddles help improve your swim stroke and the way your hand enters the water. They also provide a great arm and shoulder work out as well to really boost that strength training for triathlons. This is a must have for me so I highly recommend one for your swim bag as well!

Aqua Sphere Microfins

When people think swim fins they are probably thinking about the huge scuba fins which are not ideal for swim training. These sleek microfins however can help provide some buoyancy to improve your swim posture and aid in leg training as well. This also provide great wall grip for all the swim lappers to give you a good wall kick, try doing that in scuba fins!

FINIS Posture Trainer

I have said it tons of times with various swimming tips, your swim posture will make or break you in the water. With the Finis posture trainer you can have your own personal swim coach that tells you when you are not in the optimal swim position with your head and thus increasing your drag in the water. If you are looking to optimize your swim stroke and don't want to pay $100's for an expensive trainer then this swim posture trainer is for you!

FINIS Alignment Swimming Kickboard

If you don't like the look or feel of a standard kickboard the Finis has you covered! This hydrodynamic kickboard helps keep you streamlined to aid in kickboard workouts. It features a handstrap as well so the board doesn't slip away or you don't have to try and hold onto the sides of it! 

FINIS Footbooties

Next is a nice fin alternative. The swimming footbooties. Designed with neoprene fabric, the same as wetsuits, it will add some nice buoyancy to your legs and help improve your swim stroke by aiding in the kick power and removing some drag from your toes!

Finis Zoomer Z2 Gold Fins

Last product from Finis is the most popular fins at my gym the Finis Zoomer Z2 Gold Fins. These swim fins provide all the benefits of previous swim fins but also feature a groove to catch water on the up kick, which can translate well into cycling training! I personally have not picked up a pair of these yet however the Finis zoomers might join my bag soon and I will join the rest of my pool community.

Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag

I saved my favorite for last! Now that you have all your great swim and triathlon gear you need a place to put it. There is no better option for me than the Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag. This bag features two exterior front pockets. Tons of room on the inside. Is made of a mesh quick drying material so you can throw all your swim gear back in right after you leave the pool. And to top it off it comes in a TON of colors, so you can get what fits you the best.

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