Best Swim Goggles for Triathlon in 2019

When you are talking about Triathlon Gear most people think about the clothes or bike. But what about swim goggles? Well fortunately there is no right or wrong answer when it comes swim goggles. The real question is do you have the best triathlon goggles to fit YOUR swim level and style.

Types of triathlon swim goggles

Did you know that there are two different kinds of swim goggles that you can buy for both pool and open ocean use?

I didn’t know this either until I started looking into buying a set of open ocean goggles for my first triathlon.

Racing Swim Goggles

One option you have is racing swim goggles or competition goggles as they are sometimes called. These swim goggles have rounded large lenses to provide better visibility. The nose bridge on competition goggles is always adjustable as well, so if you have had a problem with standard goggles then these will be for you!

Open Water Goggles

These goggles you have probably have not seen unless you have done a Triathlon. I have never seen these in a pool setting. The nose bridge and the frame tend to be one complete unit and not adjustable on the nose bridge. These goggles will also appear a lot larger when worn. The big perk to these goggles is that they handle rough open water conditions well and are very comfortable for long periods of time.

What should you look for in Triathlon Swim Goggles?

There are a lot of components that make for a good swim goggle. After all you are going to be wearing these for upwards of 2 hours depending on your race distance! In addition that you are going to be wearing them for the most dangerous part of the triathlon.

Comfortable Swim Goggles

Comfort is king when it comes to getting the best swim goggles for triathlons. You want to make sure that the goggles fit your face well. Make sure that the seal on the goggles fits comfortably around your eye and forms a nice seal that is actively keeping out water.

Test this extensively before race day! Goggles that are leaking will ruin your swim!

The back straps should fit comfortable on the back of your head and be easily adjustable. Make sure you can adjust these while treading water as well. Just in case you need to do a mid-water goggle adjustment.

I personally like the goggle which have a fastener on the back strap so you don’t have to pull them over your head, you buckle them on!

Swim goggle lenses

Since we already talked about the differences in lenses between open water and racing swim goggles this is going to focus on tint.

There is a lot of tint variations that you can get for your swim goggles. This all comes down to personal preference as well as knowing your race!

As some general guidelines:

  • Always get swim goggles that have protection against UV rays
  • Use clear lenses when your race is in an area that tends to have poor visibility, such as river, lake swims or cloudy areas.
  • Get mirrored lenses for areas with bright sun
  • Polarized lenses work best for reflected light, this is what lifeguards use as well!

I personally am a fan of polarized lenses and it is what I get for all of my open ocean swims. I feel they make for the best triathlon swim goggles.

Best Triathlon Goggles

Based on the descriptions of swim goggles and the best options for triathlon, I have put together the below recommendations. There is a nice combo of both open ocean swimming goggles as well as racing goggles here. It will come down to personal preference but you will now be armed with the best swimming goggles for triathlon in 2018!

The aqua sphere kayenne swim goggle is an open ocean goggle that is ideal for Triathlons! It features that singular piece design that can withstand harsher open water conditions. Has a nice polarized lens and provides a good fit and comfort. This is my goggle of choice for most my ocean swims and tri's.

  • One piece, hydrodynamic frame
  • Anti-Fog and Scratch resistant lenses
  • 180 degree visibility
  • stethoscope
    Quick Fit buckle for adjustments
  • stethoscope
    Ideal for sunny weather and water glare

The aqua sphere vista swim goggle is another open ocean goggle that is ideal for Triathletes, except in lower light conditions. It features all the same great features that aqua sphere put on the previous goggle set however this pair provides great visibility in cloudy weather or water. It still sports the UV protection you would want in a goggle as well!

  • One piece, hydrodynamic frame
  • Anti-Fog and Scratch resistant lenses
  • 180 degree visibility
  • stethoscope
    Quick Fit buckle for adjustments
  • stethoscope
    Ideal for cloudy weather and water

This is a pair of racing goggles made by only u. It is a fairly standard pair of racing goggles sporting all the features I would expect to see, such as additional adjustments for noses. These are ideal for training and will definitely work well still in open ocean if you are more comfortable in a competitive swimming goggle style.

  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-Fog and Scratch resistant lenses
  • Mirrored Lenses for high sun swims
  • stethoscope
    100% lifetime guarentee

This is a pair of swimming goggles I consider a hybrid, but I love them either way. This is my personal pair I use for training for both open water and pool swims. It functions much in the way a open ocean swim goggle does however it lacks some of the visibility that you would find in a full open ocean pair of swim goggles. It features the quick release back strap I mentioned earlier which is a great feature! It is a very affordable goggle as well that has stood the test of time!

  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-Fog and Scratch resistant lenses
  • Incredibly comfortable design
  • stethoscope
    Leak Proof frames
  • stethoscope
    Cost effective!


This is a hard toss up for me because I use all of these goggles.

If you are looking solely for the best triathlon goggles I would have to go with the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle.

However as far as versatility between pool and open ocean and the amount of hours I have logged in them the Zerhunt Professional Swim Goggles are not far behind.

You cannot go wrong with any of these goggles so get what you think looks the best, or matches your event conditions and have a good swim!

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