Benefits of Using a Snorkel For Swim Training

When people think of snorkeling your mind instantly goes to being in a coral reef looking at fish and sea life in a tropical paradise, just like this!

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But what if I told you that there are numerous benefits of using a snorkel for swim training. Follow along here as be break down the ways that snorkel swim training can help get you ready for you next Triathlon!

Swim Training Snorkel

So first think you need to realize is that a swim training snorkel is different than the standard image that probably popped in your head instantly when you read the term snorkel. The main difference being that a swim training snorkel is meant to be work with your standard swim googles. Does this mean you cannot gain the same benefit by training your swimming using a standard snorkel?

Of course not!

You can absolute train utilizing a standard snorkel if you already own one. However as you progress you will want to invest in a swim training snorkel so that you can use it with your standard race googles. You always want to be simulating race day as close as possible when you are training!

Swim Snorkel Training

So now that you are armed with your new swim training snorkel, or you are using the one you picked up for your last vacation, it is time to hit the pool! As I stated in the intro there are many benefits of using a snorkel for swim training, most of these benefits are more related to the beginner triathlete, but that does not mean veterans cannot benefit too.

So what is the main benefit of swim training with a snorkel?

It allows you to focus on your swim stroke! A lot of us, myself included, struggle the most with breathing when it comes to the swim portion of triathlon and swimming in general. By using a snorkel you are able to take the breathing process out of the equation and focus on your individual strokes.

It is hard to build up your swim distance when you have to focus on multiple facets at the same time. I personally feel it is why the swim portion of triathlon and the training for it is hard for most people. When you are training for any other portion of the race breathing is natural. You can purely focus on pushing your muscles to increase your distances and times. With the swim this is not the case! You not only have to focus on pushing yourself distance wise you have to concentrate on breathing.

This is why I LOVE swim snorkel training!

I tend to use my swim snorkel whenever I am trying to push my distances. So in my current training for Ironman, I will use my snorkel until my body and muscles have become acclimated to swimming for a couple miles. And as soon as this becomes second nature for me then it is an easy transition to stop swim training with a snorkel and swim this same length with normal breathing.

So if you are interested in the benefits listed above for Swim Snorkels let me take a moment to share the one that I have in my swim bag for training for my upcoming Ironman.








  • Low profile, reduces drag in water
  • Triangular shape inhibits side to side rotation
  • Purge valve for clearing excess water
  • Not ideal for use in open ocean

This snorkel I have had for a few seasons now as well and it has served me well! There is not much that needs to be said about it other than it is a great snorkel for improving your swim stroke and performance in triathlon. I highly suggest if you are looking for a swim training snorkel to look no further!

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