Louis Garneau Men’s Course Club Tri Suit

Louis Garneau Men’s Course Club Tri Suit

The Louis Garneau Men’s Course Club Triathlon Skin is designed to help you move with ease and perform to your ultimate potential. The one-piece suit has a minimalist feel to help your body breathe, while also keeping you comfortable and aerodynamic. We’re focusing this review solely on the Club Course Triathlon Skin, giving you all the must-know details to help you decide if it’s the right skin for your next triathlon.

  • Very breathable with dimpled mesh lining and a full-zip skin
  • Inner pocket that hugs the body, perfect for storing nutrient bars
  • Offset shoulder seams can help reduce pressure when you wear the skin with a wetsuit
  • Reflective accents on the skin help improve visibility
  • Simple to take on and off, thanks to full-zip construction
  • Dries fast!

Key Features

You might be wondering what makes this skin stand out from others. In a sea of incredible triathlon skins, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. Here are a few notable features of the Louis Garneau Men’s Club Course Triathlon Suit.

Full-Zipper Design

One of the most-talked-about features of this skin is its design that includes a full zipper in the front. Not only can this feature improve the ease of taking the skin on and off, it can also help you cool off quickly during or after your triathlon. You can also unzip the skin to find two inner pockets for energy gel or bar storage.

The skin also unzips in a way that prevents it from flapping as you run or bike to avoid distraction. 

Dimpled Mesh Skin Construction

This skin has a dimpled mesh construction that may lend to its breathability and aerodynamics. Louis Garneau designed the skin to allow you to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h, thanks to the CB Speedtech technology that can enhance both your performance and speed.

The ultra-lightweight suit will likely feel minimal on your body, almost like a second skin layer that shouldn’t inhibit your performance.

Compressive Material Designed to Improve Performance

The Course M-2 Triathlon Skin has a tight, compressive fit designed to improve your muscle recovery and performance. You may find that your performance improves because of this design, which can keep your muscles – especially in the arms and shoulders – working their best.

Review of the Louis Garneau Men’s Club Course Triathlon Suit – Updated 2019!

Onto the full review of the Club Course Triathlon Skin by Louis Garneau. Here, we’ll break down some of the most important things to look for in a triathlon skin and tell you how this one stacks up.

Ease of On/Off

One of the most important features of a triathlon skin is its ability to slide on and off quickly and easily, especially after a triathlon when sweat clings to your skin and suit. This triathlon skin is one that may outperform other similar suits in this area because of its full-zip design.

The shirt area of the skin unzips from the neck down, relieving some compression and allowing the suit to slide on and off easily and comfortably. 


For triathlon athletes, aerodynamics is key to success on land. Your skin shouldn’t weight you down, feel bulky, or cause resistance against the wind. You might find that the Louis Garneau Men’s Club Course Triathlon Suit offers some of the best aerodynamics in triathlon skins with a design that gives you the streamlined movement you need.

One of the things that Louis Garneau does differently with this suit is that it created storage pockets for easy access to energy gels and bars that don’t cause extra bulk in the suit or ruin its aerodynamics. In fact, the brand placed the pockets strategically inside the part of the skin that overlaps the stomach area so that their contents won’t affect your ability to run or cycle through the wind.

This suit’s sleeves also utilize a textured design that may improve laminar airflow or air that moves with you, which may prevent drag as you cycle or run (Source: Garneau.com). This feature combined with other aero-positive designs in the suit may make it one of the most beneficial skins for triathlon competitors.


Whether you’re on the run, on a bike, or in the water, you want to have on a breathable skin. Your skin should act like a second skin, creating a barrier between you and the wind, sun, or water, but without weighing you down or causing you to overheat.

This Garneau skin has some excellent design features that lend to its breathability. One feature is the dimpled mesh design that makes it lightweight, but also allows air to circulate in and out of the skin.

Another feature is the zipper on the front that you can unzip whenever you need a quick burst of air – including when you’re in the middle of a triathlon. Unzipping this part can allow air to move quickly through to your body, letting you cool down and keep racing.


The best fit for your tri-skin boils down to personal preference. While some athletes like a more compressing fit, others prefer a more relaxed fit, so it’s important to understand where the Club Course fits into the spectrum.

This skin tends to fit true to size, although some customers note that it looks rather small before they try it on. However, once it’s on, you’ll likely find that it fits well.

This tri-skin does feel compressive, though, which could cause discomfort for some athletes. Garneau designed this suit to gently compress the muscles, which can improve blood flow, hold muscles in place to prevent injury, and repair muscles during and after strenuous activity (Source: MensJournal.com). However, it’s possible that you might find it to feel too tight around your arms and thighs, where much of the compression fit is concentrated.


The Course M-2 has some incredible movement power which can make it extremely beneficial to the modern triathlete. The thing material doesn’t add extra bulk or weight to the suit, while the design has technology in the right places to ensure that you move and perform at your best.

How Does the Louis Garneau Men’s Club Course Triathlon Suit Compare to Similar Products?

Now, let’s talk about some of the other tri-skin leaders that are like the Club Course Triathlon Skin by Garneau. This section might help you decide whether the Club Course the best option for you or if another skin might be a better choice. 

De Soto Forza ITU

The De Soto Forza ITU is one of the top contenders against the Club Course Triathlon Suit, and it falls at a lower price point than the Club Course. The design of this suit is relatively similar to Garneau’s version, giving you a front zipper that zips all the way down to the waist for ultimate breathability and a quick cool.

This suit also offers sun protection in the upper panel, in addition to its Skin Cooler90 fabric, an innovative material that can increase airflow to keep you dry and cool. Additionally, this suit offers even more storage than the Course, with five inner pockets for gels or bars tucked conveniently in the suit.

You’ll also benefit from some compression with this tri-suit in its lower body. The thigh area fits snugly to help muscles recover and perform to their full potential, but without squeezing your legs uncomfortably. Therefore, this suit may provide a good balance between a compressed and relaxed fit over the Club Course.

Pearl Izumi Octane Tri Suit

Another viable option is the Pearl Izumi Octane Tri Suit, which is another one-piece sleeved suit that offers optimal cooling technology and a lightweight skin that may allow athletes to perform their best.

This suit falls slightly under the price point of the Club Course, yet it also features a front zipper to aid your body’s ability to cool itself, breathable fabric, and a comfortable, movable design that can keep triathletes on the go.

This suit may be best for beginner triathletes, though, as it may not provide enough flexibility in the shoulders to enhance an advanced triathlete during his cycling leg.  

Sugoi Men’s RPM Tri Suit

The Louis Garneau Men’s Club Course Triathlon Suit packs a lot of power and benefits, but it also comes with a big price tag. The Sugoi Men’s RPM Tri Suit is a much more affordable option that provides several of the same features as the Club Course for people on a budget.

With this suit, you’ll also get a front-zip design that may help you cool off during or after your performance. The blended nylon and spandex fabric offers a breathable, lightweight construction that gives you optimum movability in the water and on land.

What you likely won’t find in this suit is a compressive fit, so if that’s something you’re going for, you may not be impressed by the more relaxed fit of this tri-skin.


Triathletes who prefer a compression-fit tri-suit may prefer this triathlon skin by Louis Garneau. The suit offers slight compression in the arms and legs to improve blood flow and muscle repair, which may actually improve your athletic performance. Additionally, its full-zip front makes this suit easier to get on and off than others and allows quick and easy ventilation during or after a race.

Some triathletes do find that this snug-fit suit is uncomfortable for them, though. Therefore, it may be one you want to work toward wearing eventually but not as a beginner if you’re not used to a compression suit.

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