ZOOT Men's Performance Tri Race Suit Review

If you’re looking for a top-performing suit for your next triathlon, then you’ll find that you have a lot of options to consider. We hope to make the process a bit easier for you by providing in-depth reviews of some of the most popular suits on the market. This review focuses on the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit, one that’s built for outstanding comfort, sun protection, and breathability.

Overall Rating

  • Grip-free hem may prevent the suit from creating unflattering bulges in the legs and arms
  • Reflective details can help improve visibility in foggy or nighttime conditions
  • Front zipper can prevent overheating and allow for a quick cool during or after a race
  • Long shorts may improve leg performance and muscle repair
  • stethoscope
    UPF 50+ protection against the sun
  • Somewhat relaxed fit may not provide adequate support for some triathletes

Key Features

There are a lot of excellent triathlon suits on today’s market, so it can be challenging to understand how they differ and what makes one better than the other. The ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit we’re reviewing today has a few standout features that set it apart from its competitors, including:

Sun-Protective Fabric

Perhaps the most stand-out feature of this suit is its ability to protect against the sun. While some suits offer a bit of sun protection, this ZOOT suit was specifically designed to block out the sun by providing protection that's the equivalent of a UPF 50+ sunscreen.

This can be an important feature for people who are sensitive to the sun’s rays and burn easily, or for those who just want some extra protection without slathering on layers of sunscreen.

Flattering Fit

How a suit looks on the body can be as important as how it feels and performs to some triathletes. ZOOT took that into consideration with this suit, which has an innovative construction that hugs, instead of squeezes, the curves of your body.

Some athletes find it uncomfortable to wear tri suits that compress around the shoulders and legs because they create unsightly bulges even on the most muscular bodies. This suit offers the Teksheen BIOwrap™ gripper-free hem that gently wraps around the arms and legs to reduce unwanted bulges and provide comfort.

Super-Quick Drying Technology

You may find that this ZOOT suit dries quicker than your previous suit. The nylon and spandex fabric blend whisks away moisture quickly, which can help you transition quickly from water to land without feeling weight down and waterlogged.

Additionally, the fleece chamois in the shorts provides extra protection against moisture. The low profile chamois isn’t bulky and won’t shift when you’re cycling, running, or swimming. Still, it’s there to help keep you dry and reduce the risk of chafing during your competition.

Comfort Padding

Some suits are designed more for comfort, whereas others are more for performance. This suit blends both comfort and performance by offering a snug fit with additional comfort areas that can reduce discomfort and rubbing.

You may find that the fleece chamois offers some padding while cycling that can make your ride a bit more comfortable. ZOOT also uses SeamLink technology to create an innovative stitching design that pulls the suit to your skin in a comfortable way.

Review of the ZOOT Men's Performance Tri Race Suit

For our full review of the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit, we’ll focus on some of the most important features to look for in a triathlon suit and explain how the ZOOT suit stacks up with each feature. Hopefully, our review helps guide you to making a wise purchase decision for your next triathlon suit.


If a snug, but comfortable, fit is what you’re after with your next triathlon suit, then the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit might be a good option. This suit has a hugging fit that doesn’t necessarily feel compressive on your muscles, but instead, wraps gently around them.

One of the bonuses of this feature is that you won’t suffer from bulging around the arm and leg hems like you might in some other more compressive suits.


When you’re competing, it’s crucial to find ways to prevent overheating, which can affect your performance and cause serious injury. Your suit should be lightweight and breathable so that your body can release sweat and get air.

This ZOOT suit’s breathable fabric blend can help your body do just that. The suit doesn’t restrict airflow to and through the suit. It has Endura 3D panels on the sides that help air move through the suit to cool off your body, and the material itself keeps you cool and comfortable.

Moisture-Wicking Ability

Almost as important as airflow through a tri suit is its ability to keep moisture off your skin. Damp skin from sweat or water can cause extreme discomfort as you race. A tri suit should have breathable and moisture-wicking elements that work together to keep all parts of your body covered in the suit as dry as possible.

ZOOT focused on this need with its Performance Tri Race Suit. The Endura fabric is not only breathable, but it also whisks away moisture fast so that you can dry as quickly as possible when transitioning from water to land, and so that you can stay dry from sweat.


You’ll want a suit that won’t weigh you down, and that could even help you break through the wind. This suit might be an asset in that area, thanks to its form-fitting, lightweight design. ZOOT also created hip-hugging pockets within the suit to hold your energy gels and bars without compromising its aerodynamic efficiency.


ZOOT’s Performance Tri Race Suit has an intuitive SeamLink design that helps the suit become one piece without constricting your movements. You will probably find that this suit gives you plenty of movability, whether you’re in the water, on land, or on your bicycle.

How Does the ZOOT Men's Performance Tri Race Suit Compare to Similar Products?

Before you make your final purchase decision, it’s important for us to showcase some other top tri suits that can potentially meet your needs better than the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit. The following suits are comparable to the ZOOT tri suit but offer slightly different features that may make one of them a better choice for you.

Louis Garneau Men’s Comp Suit

The Louis Garneau Men's Comp Suit is another sleeveless suit that falls at a similar price point as ZOOT's Performance Tri Race Suit. This suit may be a better option for athletes who want a more compressive fit from their suit. Garneau designed this suit to offer some compression in the leg area to keep muscles supported, increase circulation, and offer fast muscle repair.

You’ll also get some reflective accents and UPF 50 sun protection from this suit, making it otherwise very comparable to the ZOOT tri suit.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Pursuit Tri Suit

Pearl Izumi Men's Select Pursuit Tri Suit is another viable option if you're considering the ZOOT Performance Tri Race Suit. This one falls slightly under the price point of ZOOT's but offers many of the same benefits.

The Pearl Izumi suit has a blend of nylon and Lycra to stay breathable and keep your skin dry from sweat and water. It also offers SPF 50+ sun protection. However, the material may not be quite as durable, as some customers note that the suit didn’t wear for as long as some other suits they’ve had.

Therefore, it could be a good option for beginners or triathletes-in-training, but it may not offer enough long-term durability for advanced triathletes.

SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Tri Suit CMX

The SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Tri Suit CMX is comparable to the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit in its shape and fit, but it offers an eye-catching design that may appeal to some triathletes more than the ZOOT design. However, the suit tends to run smaller than your regular size, so you may need to look for one size up than you’d normally wear.

This suit has three pockets – two on the sides of the back panel and one in the middle of the back panel – for stashing your gels and bars, while also keeping the suit aerodynamic by not affecting the front design.

You might like this suit a little better than the ZOOT suit if you’re specifically looking for a compressive suit. The SLS3 is designed to compress the body gently to provide muscle support in all areas.

Men’s Kona Triathlon Race Suit

The Men’s Kona Triathlon Race Suit might appeal to athletes looking for a full-black option. This suit has UPF 50+ sun protection within its Lycra fabric blend to keep your skin protected like the ZOOT suit. Plus, its breathability can keep you dry during and after your competition. This suit may even offer a bit more airflow than ZOOT’s because if its wide mesh side panels.

Like the ZOOT suit, Kona’s comes with a lightweight pad in the shorts to keep you dry and prevent chafing. However, some customers have noted that the front zipper doesn’t have lined protection like the ZOOT suit, which can lead to uncomfortable rubbing. 


Avid triathletes are bound to be impressed by the ZOOT Men’s Performance Tri Race Suit. This suit doesn’t only focus on assisting your performance, but it’s also designed to be comfortable and flattering on various body types. However, this suit does have a more relaxed fit than comparable suits, which isn’t going to please athletes looking for more compression.

If you want a snug, non-compression suit that also protects against the sun and is quick to dry, the ZOOT suit is one of your best options.

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