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Best Triathlon Wetsuits
Best Triathlon Wetsuit for 2019Having a great wetsuit is a key piece of triathlon gear in every triathletes arsenal. But[...]
The Countdown to Hawai’i begins!
The Countdown to Hawai'i and my first half ironman begins! Welcome to 2018 and to my new site, DocTriathlon. As[...]
Best Shoes for Shin Splints in 2019
Best Shoes for Shin Splints in 2019 Whether you are training for a triathlon, a marathon, or just running to[...]
Marathon Running vs Triathlon Running
Marathon Running vs Triathlon RunningEvery Triathlete I know is well aware of the need to save your legs for the[...]

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Best Triathlon Shoes
Best Triathlon Shoes in 2019 (Cycling And Running)A triathlon tests your endurance in a variety of ways. It also requires[...]
Best Triathlon Goggles
Best Swim Goggles for Triathlon in 2019When you are talking about Triathlon Gear most people think about the clothes or[...]
Triathlon Season
Triathlon Season Well it may just be the start of 2019 but before you know it Triathlon season will soon[...]
25 Health Benefits of Cycling
25 Health Benefits of CyclingShare this Image On Your Site<p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=''><img[...]
Best Compression Socks
Best Compression Socks​​​​​Compression socks have been around for a very long time, but they were usually reserved for elderly people[...]
Announcing 5 Outstanding Aero Bars you Need for Triathlons
Best Aero Bars For TriathlonAdding aero bars to your triathlon or road bike can drastically improve your speed without breaking[...]